I’m a cartographer and graphics editor.

A cartographer used to be someone with a head full of trig and a fine drafter’s hand, but it’s all computer stuff now. Nice!

A graphics editor is a a reporter who can tolerate arcane software.


I believe in phone calls, the bottom-up→, and knowing a lot about a little→.


Write me, I’ve
got time.

✧ ADC Gold Cube in Editorial Design, 2011: Businessweek 2010 Year in Review. Jennifer Daniel did 90% of that piece of wonderful crap but I sat next to her while she drew gross pictures and like 8 pages were mostly mine.
✧ 2x D&AD Yellow Pencils for Magazine and Newspaper Design, 2011 and 2012: 2010 Year in Review and the Steve Jobs obituary issue, respectively. Nothing I did for Steve Jobs got us this award but I was up all night and stuffed submission envelopes so that should count?
✧ Honorable Mention, Thematic Map: CaGIS Map Design Competition, 2014 (No cigar, but having National Geographic as a fellow runner-up eases the sting.)
✧ UW-Madison Petchenik Memorial Award in Cartographic Design, 2014.
✧ Winner, Cartographic Design: NACIS Student Map and Poster Competition, 2015.
✧ Winner, Map Poster: Wisconsin Land Information Association Poster Contest, 2016.

U.S. Forest Service - Geospatial Systems Specialist, Angeles National Forest, 2018
• Got to wear the Smokey Bear costume once, sometimes bumped a huge truck down awful dirt roads. Hit my occupational dose limit of ArcGIS.
• Thank your local wildland firefighter; they do vital, brutal labor so you can even have a forest/a house near a forest.

National Geographic Magazine - Maps intern, 2015
• I have seen the summit. Research, production and design of daily web maps and some big honkin’ pieces in the October and November 2015 issues.

Bloomberg Businessweek - Graphics editor, 2010 – today, occasionally
• Editorial chart production for both front matter and features. Digging for data, making it cute, rinse, repeat.
• Whatever writing I could squeeze in. Some topics: cryptography, business advice, bitcoin tragedies.

Infographics Inc. - Presentation designer2010
• Litigation graphics for corporate civil law cases. “Hearing adjourned. This beautiful PowerPoint says it all.”

The Onion - Graphics intern, 2009
• Stock photo digging, raster work, helping with shoots, embarrassing prop purchase. Also made the “statshot” feature for a while, take a look. 
• I had to model for one of the stories but I will take that URL to the grave.

Center for Biophotonics Science and Technology - Chief designer, 2006 – 2009
• Their NSF grant covered some great outreach programs, but they only had enough money left over to hire an 18-year-old designer. Not my problem!
• Big posters, logos, brochures, the whole collateral enchilada.

Institute for National Strategic Studies - Design intern, 2008
• Made a pile of national security graphics for the 2009 Global Strategic Assessment: America’s Security Role in a Changing World.

B.A. in International Relations, University of California, Davis.
M.S. in Cartography & GIS, University of Wisconsin, Madison. Thesis: Detection of peri-urban and agricultural expansion 1990-2015 in Pakse, Laos, using dense time stacks of Landsat imagery.

• Software: ArcGIS, QGIS, ENVI, MAPublisher, GDAL/OGR, InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Excel, PowerPoint, Google Refine, Bloomberg Professional, K4 version control.
• Code: basic scripting with shell and Python, SQL queries.
• Remote sensing party person, both optical and radar. I can get information out of Landsat, Sentinel-1 and -2, ASTER, MODIS and VIIRS.
• Fast, deadline-driven, good reporter and researcher, self-starter. I also know how to write and pick up the phone. Which should be universal, but.

I admire

• Cynthia Hoffman, who forgot more than I’ll ever know about how to get something across to a reader. I owe my career to her.
• Jennifer Daniel’s lovable cruelty.
Tracy Ma’s rude designs and hilarious mien. She can also pirate a dress.
Toph Tucker’s orthogonal thinking.
Dorothy Gambrell, an obsidian knife of humor, who has a job but still does whatever the god damn hell she wants.
Stephanie Davidson, an artist who can make you chuckle in absolutely any media.
Annemarie Schneider, A1 scientist and educator, who taught me everything about remote sensing. Also the only reason I finished grad school.
Daniel Huffman for being a singular talent who always says “you can do this too.” Anything I know about maps, I learned from him.
Tanya Buckingham for improving every life she touches, mostly on her own time.
Robin Tolochko’s empathetic hardassery.
Charlie Loyd for knowing almost everything but being nice about it.
Amanpreet Singh, who can teach herself anything and everything.


The only paper I’ve ever enjoyed is about scatterometry, my favorite map is of venus, my favorite chart could cover an infield, and my favorite book is about the organs of civilization.

I will always love these, I’m not sure what they're called:
( ˘ ³˘)♥ 
╮ (. ❛ ᴗ ❛.) ╭