I’m a graphics editor and cartographer.

A graphics editor is a reporter that nobody takes to lunch, but hey, Excel will always be there.

A cartographer is someone who enjoys the beautiful and the useful, but is also real good at the computer.


I believe in phone calls, density→, and the narrow


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Gold Cube in Editorial Design, Art Directors Club. April 2011. Awarded for the Bloomberg Businessweek 2010 Year in Review.

Yellow Pencil for Magazine and Newspaper Design, Design and Art Direction, August 2011. Awarded for the Bloomberg Businessweek 2010 Year in Review. 

Yellow Pencil for Magazine and Newspaper Design, Design and Art Direction, August 2012. Awarded for the Steve Jobs obituary issue of Bloomberg Businessweek.

Honorable Mention: Thematic Map, 2014 CaGIS Map Design Competition (No cigar, but having National Geographic as a fellow runner-up eases the sting.)

UW-Madison Barbara Bartz Petchenik Memorial Award in Cartographic Design, May 2014.

Winner, Cartographic Design: Student Map and Poster Competition, North American Cartographic Information Society, October 2015.

Winner, Map Poster: Wisconsin Land Information Association Poster Contest,
February 2016.

National Geographic Magazine - Maps intern. Washington, D.C. (5/2015 – 8/2015) http://www.nationalgeographic.com
• I have seen the summit. Research, production and design of daily web maps and some big honkin' pieces in the October and November 2015 issues.

Bloomberg Businessweek - Graphics editor. New York, New York (7/2010 – Present) http://www.businessweek.com
• Editorial chart production for both front of the book and feature sections. Digging for data, making it cute, rinse, repeat.
• Whatever writing I can squeeze in. Some topics: cryptography, business advice, bitcoin tragedies.

Infographics Inc. - Presentation Designer. New York, New York (1/2010 – 6/2010) http://www.infographicsinc.com
• Litigation graphics for corporate civil law cases. "Hearing adjourned. This achingly beautiful PowerPoint says it all."

The Onion - Graphics Intern. New York, New York (8/2009 – 12/2009) http://www.theonion.com
• Stock photo digging, raster work, helping with shoots, embarrassing prop purchase. Also made the "statshot" feature for a while, take a look. 
• I had to model for one of the stories but I will take that URL to the grave.

Center for Biophotonics Science and Technology - Chief Designer. Sacramento, CA (5/2006 – 8/2009) http://cbst.ucdavis.edu
• I was the only designer they had, so I conjured the whole identity of a National Science Foundation funded science and technology center.
• Big posters, logos, brochures, the whole collateral enchilada.

Institute for National Strategic Studies - Design Intern. Washington DC (3/2008 – 6/2008, 12/2008) http://www.ndu.edu/inss/
• Made a pile of national security graphics for the 2009 Global Strategic Assessment: America’s Security Role in a Changing World.

B.A. in International Relations, University of California, Davis.
M.S. in Cartography & GIS, University of Wisconsin, Madison.

Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Excel, Google Refine, Bloomberg Professional, MAPublisher, ArcGIS, QGIS, ENVI, K4 version control, just enough Python, SQL and GDAL/OGR to get into trouble. Never met a database too recondite to get what I need.
I also know how to write and pick up the phone. Which should be universal, but.

I admire Toph Tucker for orthogonal thinking, Jennifer Daniel for lovable cruelty, Charlie Loyd for expertise that's both sea-wide and trench-deep, and Tanya Buckingham for improving every life she touches. 

My favorite journal article is about scatterometry, my favorite map is of venus, my favorite chart could cover an infield, and my favorite book is about the organs of civilization