Steal my cognitive sunshine

I no-shit admire the way Maria Popova alchemically supports herself by selling a product without value. That takes stones. Doesn't stop Brain Pickings from grating at a low and constant level, a tinnitus of the assey medium I spend most of my life in, and it occasionally goes from chronic to acute.

But I've never been able to define just why her product was so irritating until Mills Baker crystallized it:

BP is consumerized “intellectual culture” for people who don’t want to read or work at thinking, understanding, appreciating...Seeing the bastardization of art hurts; seeing the dilution of ideas grates; seeing a circle-jerk of unserious people who only like ideas and books and art because of what it says about them, because of how it sets up the rest of their identity schtick: this is something that infuriates.

I knew the melody but now the lyrics are gelling. Not only is her writing embarrassingly overwrought, a "no diving" sign by the puddle, but with it she's packaging and selling thimblefuls of culture that are good for nothing more than regurgitation. Ditto for the shitty "nauseating aestheticization of science on the Internet" that's her stock in trade.

Also "I love books" doesn't need to be said by anyone. They're fungible containers for ideas. Leave it.

Semper Canine Diabetes, carry on.