9:30 editorial meeting

Alright, Markets & Finance is shaking up a bit. For now we are keeping the lede on homebuilder stocks rebounding, but I'm going to bingo it against this old pumpkin that the fourth floor REIT team found. If they can pull it off I'd prefer that one just because of the art possibilities.

For the second story we have that evergeen on big banks' legal bills, but it might switch with the oil exploration consolidation story depending if it comes in on time. There's a slight chance that one might come out if we get a timely draft of that story about the closed-end fund that's only open to livestock that have been hit by trains, but I'm not holding my breath.

Shorting China will hold, as will the one about how no one's buying reverse convertibles, that guy who figured out how to securitize a lover's caress is out, muni defaults stays in. I'd love to close with that story on how you feel like you can't breathe after you eat a baked potato too fast, but the writer is on vacation and her team leader just doesn't have the bandwidth.

Towards the back we have the bearer bonds that turned out to be real fancy napkins, the story on the OCC shakeup, and sadly we're going to cut bait on the Carlyle interview. Andy went over there but he wouldn't talk unless he held his hand real hard. I know, it's never easy with these guys.

Scratch off the one slugged "mixtape_ETF," there's just nothing there. To close we have another real estate story, but it's actually a great yarn about this Miami housing mogul who actually embraced quiet title claims as a way to fall down the stairs real hard and split his head open in front of his terrified family. Jamie, did we get someone down there? Oh, well I'm sure we can get some pick-up. And that's the list for now. At least until we change it.