Well catalyze my actionables, if it ain't Davos

I'm likely blacklisted from WEF caviar potlucks, but strap in for the Talk Like a Dick master class that is Davos.

Unfortunately, we may never know if the galactically rich and erudite membership of the WEF actually hashes out good ideas at their meetings, for those ideas are always cloaked in the most abstruse business jargon. The program for this year’s Davos summit is practically a B-school tone poem. “Sailing Towards a Circular Economy.” “The Values Context.” And, neatly dovetailing with the meeting’s overall theme of ”Dynamic Resilience,” an address by Christine Lagarde is titled, “Resilient Dynamism.”
— http://www.businessweek.com/articles/2013-01-25/in-davos-the-world-economic-forums-big-unintelligible-ideas